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For 30 years Extrasul has been involved in the manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical active principles of bovine and porcine origin, with focus on the production of Sodium Heparin and Chondroitin Sulphate.

Brazil has the world’s largest cattle herd and the 8th largest swine herd, which provides Extrasul easy access to bovine and swine raw materials.

With large infrastructure, which includes its own lab, modern equipment and state of the art technology, the company closely monitors its dedicated manufacturing processes, thus ensuring full safety and high quality to its products.

Raw materials are purchased exclusively from slaughterhouses inspected by Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture’s Federal Inspection Service (SIF), which further ensures the safety and quality of our products, as well as their full traceability.

The company is inspected by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and has its BPF (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification. Thanks to a variety of controls and to its qualified personnel, it offers to the market the best products available.

Extrasul is part of the Adeste Group, a family business with more than 50 years of tradition in animal origin products that operates in the food, pharmaceutical, specialized cables and pet industries.

fábrica Extrasul

Extrasul Production Chain

Our production chain, which makes possible full traceability, starts in slaughterhouses certified by the Ministry of Agriculture’s Federal Inspection Service (Serviço de Inspeção Federal, SIF). A solid logistics chain ensures constant supply of approved raw material to be processed in our plant.

Thanks to our modern structure we can also purify large amounts of Sodium Heparin. Our Good Manufacturing Practices certificate is the guarantee of the quality the market requires.

Cadeia Produtiva Extrasul


With permanent focus on Total Quality, traceability and safety, in addition to our capacity to produce large amounts monthly, we have the differentials that make our company the ideal partner to supply the Sodium Heparin and Chondroitin Sulphate you need.

With global presence, we supply Sodium Heparin and Chondroitin Sulphate to several countries.

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